A message from the Headmaster

Chateaubriand is a unique institution, striving for excellence. Created in 1903, at the instigation of the French Ambassy to the Holy See, by Charles Dumaz, then Maître de Chapelle, it was since the very beginning under the auspices of a great writer and politician, in love with Rome and Italy: Chateaubriand. Since the beginning of the XXth century, thousands of alumni celebrate their attachment to this unique place, Strohl Fern, exceptional on three different aspects: archeological, natural and cultural. They always gladly demonstrate their gratitude toward education. Our school perpetuates more than ever this tradition of romanticism, humanism and intellectual exigency. Everyone in the educational staff daily preserve with awareness, passion and happiness this privileged place where we constantly stimulate out students' spirit...
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Vignette Ubu sur la butte

Ubu sur la butte - Atelier théâtre

The Multilingual Drama Workshop is pleased to invite you to their new show Ubu sur la butte by Alfred Jarry. Ubu sur la butte, a shortened version of Ubu Roi (King Ubu), stages a spineless, cowardly yet funny character who does not falter when he has to murder all those who might disturb his plans. Cast: Adriele Benedetto, Davide Capasso, Valentine Chapon, Matteo Cirri, Giosue De Santis, Alice Dunglas, Joël Guerrazzi, Sophie Guerrazzi, Charlotte Laratta, Bilal Manssouri, Chiara Mignatti, Raphaël Naert, Riccardo Renzi, Pierric Reynault, Luisa Skakal, Gaël Taglioni. Monday 11 April 2016, 7:00 p.m in Teatro Vascello (no booking) ; Wednesday 13 April 2016 04:00 p.m in the Strohl-Fern gymnasium (this performance is reserved to primary and middle school pupils, seats being limited)...
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Our school

Strohl Fern

Located in the parc of Villa Borghese, Villa Strohl Fern is part of the Lycée Chateaubriand since 1958. Its site welcomes in its 8 hectares 1000 pupils from maternelle to 4ème. The Villa was bought in 1889 by the Count Alfred Wilhelm Strohl, a french painter and artist from alsatian origin, who decided to build several pavilions in order to welcome artists. Italian sculptor Lorenzo Guerrini, painter Francesco Trombadori or even german poet Rainer Maria Rilke all lived in Villa Strohl Fern for a little while. Count Strohl, born in 1847, studied painting in Paris where he was the pupil of Charles Gleyre. In 1871, after France's defeat in the franco-prussian war and annexion of Alsace-Moselle, he left the country out of fear to be forced to endorse german nationality. He moves to Rome in 1879 and adds "Fern" to his family name. "Fern" meaning "far away", to emphasise his distance to his patry, and to the...
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